Finally our course design journey brings us to the big one - the Basket. 

These are the things that define the course and create such satisfaction with players. 

We use 3 different permanent baskets from three separate manufacturers, 2 based in Scandinavia and the other in the US.  All three have proven their quality to us over the years and we use them because they are the best quality at the best prices. 

Unless the client specifically requests one of these we will use whichever is best priced and available at the time, all three will give as good an experience as each other.

Latitude 64 Pro Basket

The oldest European made basket - great quality, great price

Prodiscus Targetti

Our most used Basket to date, bright, obvious and catches superbly, great prices. 

MVP Black Hole Portal

We loved the MVP Black Hole Pro's for pop up tournaments, the Portal continues the excellence.