Extra, extra, read all about it....

What extras do we need on a Disc Golf Course?  Well lots if you want it to be more than just a course and become a destination. 


This one partly comes under safety and on some courses is a necessity rather than an extra. 

Safety + Warning

Safety and warning signs are vital on courses with lots of pedestrian access, especially on land that has newly become an area for sports. We try our best to make sure a course does not intersect with walking paths, but sometimes people have their own path that they have walked for years and they aren't stopping for anybody.  Warning signs and educational signs help to let them know what's going on.

Educational Signs

.What is this weird metal basket? 

What are these signs? 

How can the person reading get involved? 

Where do they pay their green fees? 

Where is the nearest bin/toilet/cafe? 

All the sort of questions that having answers to out on the course will drive more traffic to your course and other facilities and hopefully keep the course in pristine condition. 

Next Tee signs

We love a good flow to a course and the ideal scenario has the next tee a short walk in an obvious direction from the last basket, but this can't always be the case - where there's a walk there should be good signage leading the way.  if that can couple as educational signage, all the better! 

Benches, Bins + Shelters

No surprises here - benches and seats are great to have every few holes at the tee.  There is sometimes a wait for slow groups,  players have a better experience when they can sit comfortably and chat. 

If rain shelters every 6 holes are possible within budget, even better.  

Providing bins every few holes is always a good idea.  Whilst Disc Golfers tend to be very aware of their surroundings and many litter pick as they go, it's always good to have a receptacle to hand to deposit the rubbish!

Practice Baskets and Driving Ranges

Now we're into real luxury items in the course that has it all.  Just like golf, players like to warm up before a round.  A driving net can be a superb low cost way to provide the driving experience and a few practice putting baskets are the icing on the cake!