Tee Signs

Continuing with the signage and just as important as the welcome sign, Tee Signs give players the information they need to play a hole.  This will have detailed information and warnings. It's important that the graphic is big, bold and in their faces, but also looks good and sits well within the park.  

With that in mind we have developed a few standard options all using our UV proofed, anti-graffiti dibond aluminium, full colour printed graphics.  We use security screws and bonding glue to make sure the signs stay where the ought to!   


Our first and lowest cost is the mow over Tee sign. This was developed in conjunction with golf course partners wanting to fit the signs within their environment without impacting on the current offerings.   This excellent priced tee gives a 44 x 21 cms space for huge amounts of information for the player.  It sits 2 cms below the level of the turf and can be mowed over without damage.  Great for courses with obvious flow and teeing areas wanting to produce a lovely tee for players without impacting on other activities. 

The next is better for parks trying to attract attention to the course or helping players find their way around.  It's a 25 x 19 cms graphic attached to a timber post 20 cms wide by 10 cms deep standing up to 1 meter tall.  This is a great option for visibility on a course with short walks between tees. 

Our third is the most robust and can be found at our flagship course in Bedworth (pictured above) It is a 25 cms tall by 16 cms wide oval graphic attached to a telegraph pole cut at a 45 degree angle.  Whilst this is our most expensive it is still cost effective and will stand up to the worst treatment possible.  Great option for parks worried about vandalism.

We will happily find other fixings for our signs to suit our clients needs.